Purchase Order Consolidation – IT Equipment

Technology distributors, resellers and VAR’s in the Caribbean, Central America and South America have several suppliers in the United States. Among these are such well known names as Westham Trade, Ingram Micro and Tech Data. These suppliers usually deliver or ship to their customers as product becomes available. Consolidating purchases in our warehouse is an indispensable service so our clients can benefit from doing one or two shipments per week.

An important role and service we offer our clients is to manage their purchases by receiving, notifying and reporting inventory. As the week progresses and enough product is received to create a shipment, our clients will usually inform us exactly what products they want shipped that week.  At that moment we begin to create a shipment by pick and packing according to the customers predetermined packing instructions.

Throughout the whole process, our client has visibility through our portal or directly with their account manager.

The value offered by our service is unquestionably superior to other forwarders. We understand technology, so we can detect supplier errors upon delivery. We can help in RMA process when product arrives with damage or inconsistencies with the packing list. This saves our clients time and money giving them an incredible competitive edge.

Our clients products are safe in our modern warehouse, protected by multiple alarm systems and the protection of the Doral police department. We also offer our clients insurance coverage of their products while it’s in our custody and while it’s in transit after it leaves our custody.

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